Saturday, December 20, 2014

Thankful to Be Working

Well, we are pretty well moved in. On December 1, my family of 5 moved in with my parents in Pocahontas, IL. For the last 2 1/2 years we've been in Kansas City, MO, and I've been working on a PhD. How did we get where we are? I have to admit that is because I've made decisions based on fear. In 2012, I came to realize that teaching middle school was not what I was cut out for, so my last good job came to an end. I was at a loss of what to do. I was frantically looking for any job I could find that could replace my income, but could find nothing. On a friends suggestion I looked into Midwestern's PhD program and got accepted. Though it probably wasn't a good financial move, we went--largely because I was fearful. Jobs were provided, but nothing EVER materialized that would provide sufficiently for our family. After 2 1/2 years in the program I took a semester off to seriously look for better work and still nothing. A good friend finally spoke the truth to me in love and said it looked like we were probably going to have to move in with my parents--which we now have. 

I'm 36 years old, and I'm finding out that life just hasn't worked out like I've planned. I trust that God is good. In spite of the difficulty we have faced we have also experienced many blessings. 

In Kansas City, Amy has developed one of the closest friendships she has had since we've been married. I've also made many friends and I have grown further on my journey of self discovery. 

Employment has been a major struggle for me. I always get lots of recognition for a job well done. Last Christmas I even got a thank you card sent to my home from my team leadership to recognize my good work. But all that verbal affirmation would never translate to career advancement! 

I made my interest known, that I desired to advance into management, but it never went anywhere. I've been given other explanations, but I'm convinced that they stem from the root of the fact that I'm seriously over qualified! 

Just consider, like I've said, I have two master's degrees and some post graduate study. So why would my employee want to risk the expense of training me for management? They know they can't pay me what I'm worth, and that I'll be gone as soon as I have a better opportunity comes. The tough part is that NO BETTER OPPORTUNITIES HAVE COME! I'm still hanging from a ledge hoping I can improve my situation and I'm stuck doing jobs that don't even require a high school degree! Oh well, as the title of this post says. I'm thankful to be working. I'd rather work for $9 and something than be unemployed. God is good. At least we have somewhere to go. We have a great relationship with our families. Many who suffer homelessness are there because they literally don't have any family to take them in or their relationships are strained to the point that they would not be welcome. 

I'm trying to keep hope. I believe I am worth a salary that I can support my family with. I just have to find an employer in can convince of that too.

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