Monday, January 14, 2008

Update on My Position Concerning the Missouri Baptists--Acts 29 Controversy

I've thought more about this issue. I don't know if my position has changed any at all, but I've thought of just one more way to say it to clarify what I am saying. That is, I have no problem with the MBC requiring abstinence only positions from its church plants. I also have no problem with the MBC defunding specific churches who violate that commitment. What I do have a problem with is indiscriminately defunding any church plant based on their affiliation with the network. The line should not be drawn in such a way that cuts off people that the convention is actually in agreement with simply because they are members of a network with those who do not agree with the convention. I mean we are "Baptists" committed to the autonomy of local churches. Defunding the whole network seems like it cares little for this Baptist principle.

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