Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Classical Christian Education: My New Calling

Education has been my life. I have known nothing but school for as long as I can remember. After high school I immediately went to SBU. After SBU I went to Southern Seminary. After SBTS there was a year and a half break followed by returning to continue my theological education at Southwestern Seminary. I am now moving into a role on the other side of the classroom. I'll be a teacher. You can read about how this transpired here.

I have been preparing for the gospel ministry since I was 15 years old. I have had the desire to be a pastor for over half my life. Yet, through God's providence, that desire has been left mostly unfulfilled. I have been following what I believed God was calling me to, and I will continue to do so. In making this change of direction I do not believe for a minute that I will be leaving behind my calling. In short, God has called me to teach and preach the Bible, and in this new role I will be teaching the Bible daily. I hope that as time goes on and we get plugged in to a local church that opportunities for preaching will also come. I will keep busy with what God is giving me to do in the meantime.

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Robert J. Moeller said...

Hey, I randomly found your blog today and I'm glad that I did. Very interesting stuff. I'm a conservative blogger and seminary student in Chicago ( Keep up the good work!