Saturday, September 08, 2007

School Has Begun

Well, I've gotten off to a good start with the new school year. I found out what I was reading at the beginning of the summer, and I finished all but two books for one class, and one for the other (I read 6 in all this summer). I'm only a few weeks in, and I have one of those two finished, and the other nearly finished. Then for the other class I'll just read a little at a time through the semester. But anyway, things are going well.

Amy recently got a promotion at work. She's no longer in dining services. She is now working in the Provosts office. Her title is "Administrative Assistant to the Associate VP of Academic Administration." It goes without saying, she's now making almost three times as much as me when you include her benefits package. But my job is nice. I get to spend a lot of time reading. I don't think I would survive this load without a job where I could study while I'm at work like this.

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