Monday, January 15, 2007

Are Liberals Really More Tolerant Than Conservatives?

It has been interesting to watch that feminist blog that I had mentioned earlier. The author of the blog has been very nice to me in allowing me to dialogue with those on her page. And others have been equally polite. But just recently I have been blasted by one poster who basically told me to "buzz off." Click the title to link to the full conversation.

I had originally posted the conversation here. But since there was concern over me posting it without MasonDixon's permission, I decided to remove it, and you can just click the title of this entry to see for yourself.

Like I said, an interesting interchange. Quite ironic. I'm being told that I have an opinion that is not open to being challenged so I should buzz off, because he doesn't want to hear my opinion. I'm glad that I saw the irony in this situation or it might have angered me. Instead, I had a little fun with it.


Anonymous said...

Reposted (without permission, I might add) for front-page exhibition. I'm flattered.

bmf said...

Did you finish reading masondixon's comments or just decide not to post the last reply?

I've been watching the conversation since I bored of the dialogue much earlier. I though masondixon was right on target in the context of the larger thread.

MasonDixon said...

Thanks, man. I just would have liked to have known I was on display before I discovered it by accident by stumbling over to your blog, that's all.